Earnings Summary

New U Life Corporation 2018 Distributor Compensation Summary

New U Life Corporation is a direct selling company who’s goal is to provide new products that unify body and mind and connect you to a transformation that enriches life through opportunity. Our vision is to achieve whole body health through a balance of nature and science in products that INSPIRE, INNOVATE and CONNECT.

In order to generate meaningful compensation as a Distributor, it requires hard work, dedication, effort and skills. There are no guarantees of success. Additionally, the earnings listed below do not include any expenses incurred by a Distributor in operating or growing the business.

Rank% of Distributors per period earning a commissionLowestHighestAnnualized
Associate< 38%$22.00$3,581.00$2,163.20
Promoter< 50%$22.00$45,833.00$4,687.80
Coordinator< 6%$57.00$51,753.00$11,614.72
Coach< 4%$37.00$36,661.75$28,799.68
Life Coach< 3%$134.00$42,839.90$71,575.92
Ambassador< 1%$1,142.00$95,371.60$165,345.96
Diamond Ambassador< 1%$26,332.00$1,510,003.30$714,898.08

Only 4.1% of Distributors earned more than $600.00, with many of the 95.9% earning $0. A Distributor’s rank may change during the year. These earnings and percentages are based on individual distributors highest achieved rank individual distributors earned through the entire year and may contain income earned at a lower rank.